Tips For A Mindful Travel Experience

Benefits Of Mindfulness
Benefits Of Mindfulness
Mindful Travel
Mindful Travel

Setting off for a trip means you are taking a break from the chores you were doing until a moment before you left for the trip. All that stress at work, hours spent at the traffic, deadlines, they aren’t going to bother you till you get back. Leave for a place that makes you want to not leave it.

In this article, we give you some tips that will give you more mindful travel experience.

Pack Only What You Need

The duration of your travel and the destination decides whether you will have heavy luggage or a lighter one. We always recommend you minimize the luggage as much as possible. It takes some effort.

If you are carrying minimal luggage, you do not have to spend time worrying about your things and miss out on the fun things you could do while on your trip. Taking lesser valuable items means you will spend less time worrying about losing them.

You can also save money by carrying less luggage, as many airlines charge checked bag fees.

Try To Learn A Bit Of The Language To Communicate With The Locals

The picture of a place is incomplete without the people who live there. Their food habits, culture and beliefs contribute a lot to the way the outer world sees the place. The place we are visiting interests us because we identify the difference between the place and the place where we are from.

Take interest in knowing about the perspectives of the locals and the way they differ from ours. We should learn to respect their culture and tradition because we are guests at their place.

Your willingness to adapt to the behavior that the culture at a place demands proves that you have respect for their culture and is keen to know more about it. This way, you gain more opportunities to connect with the locals and learn from them.

Note Down Your Experiences In Your Journal

If you want to cherish your travel experience months and years after it is over, note down all your experiences while on the journey in a journal. Be in no hurry, sit down and watch everything that is happening around you by paying attention to even the smallest of details.

If you are more an artist than a writer, create sketches of the things that you see around you. Going through your journal and sketchbook after a long time is more like a time travel to the times when you visited the place.

Sometimes Do Nothing But Sit And Observe

To practice mindfulness during your journeys, find a quiet and comfortable spot to sit and do nothing but watch life pass by. Observation is the key to understanding the local culture and life. See the clothes people wear, the way they greet each other and more, all by sitting quietly.

You worry less about the future if you immerse yourself in the present out of the realization that it is all that you have.

Follow Your Regular Mindfulness Practices While Travelling As Well

If you are someone who follows some mindfulness practices every day, ensure that you find time to practice them during your journey as well. Mindfulness practices, being generally simple can be incorporated easily into your travel routine and will help make the most out of your trip.

It is not going to take much time either. A five-minute meditation in the morning will do wonders. While you meditate, you are allowing your thoughts to come and go as they are without judging them at all.

Try To Minimize Your Impact In The Places You Visit

Travel has some environmental impact as different modes of transportation sends out a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. Popular tourist spots attract many visitors every year and your mere presence can put a lot of strain on the locals and their way of life.

Avoid engaging in habits that create unnecessary waste. Avoid using plastic containers and grocery bags because all tourists doing the same will create a lot of plastic waste in the place.

Educate yourself before the trip about the ways of minimizing your impact while you travel.

Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Do not be in a hurry. Travel slowly and spend more time in fewer places.
  • Use public transport or walk rather than taking a taxi or renting vehicles.
  • Invest in reusable items that can be used throughout the trip and after.

Limit The Amount Of Time You Spend On Your Mobile Phones

The last thing you should do while on a trip is to immerse yourself in your mobile phones. They give you the impression that you are connected, but they are actually dragging you away from reality. You will miss out on appreciating the beautiful things you see during your trip if you are too busy on your cell phones.

Mindful travel experience makes you want to travel more to unknown places and see the treasures they behold.